The Concept

Landscapes of the Fast & Famous is conceived to be a weekly, half hour program, which will feature the landscapes and residences of celebrities known for their speed, dedication and distinction in their chosen fields.

The goal of the program is to combine gardening/landscaping interests for motor race enthusiasts, as well as other sports fans, and enable them to ‘visit’ the homes of their idols while learning about horticulture in their areas. Gardening tips for each climatic region would be the crux of each show. This, ideally, would educate the viewers as to which plants grow well in their areas with instructions on how to have success with their own gardening projects.

On site interviews with the celebrity, initial design ideas, views of the developing landscapes, installation techniques, how to choose the correct materials for each project will be included. During the landscape demonstrations, flashbacks of actual race footage, accompanied with comments by the ‘fast & famous’ person is another planned feature of the program.

A more whimsical segment, of at least some of the programs, would be to show the utilization of racetrack or other sports venues paraphernalia such as tires or gearboxes to be used as planters or garden decorations such as wind chimes, water features or statues.

The Certified horticulturist narrator/interviewer of the program is in the unique position of having over thirty years experience, internationally, in this field, with the added bonus of having worked as an Indy 500 mechanic. Australian Outback Plantation, his company, is the official landscape provider to the Phoenix International Raceway, a NASCAR track facility.


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